Originally from North Carolina, Lucy received a Bachelors of Art in Studio Art from Davidson College.  Service oriented work then took her to South Africa, Bangladesh, and various other countries rich with culture and color, where, visually and emotionally inspired, she used each spare moment to paint.  After returning to the States, she worked with gallery owners and professional artists from North Carolina to New Mexico, learning all she could while painting part-time.  Drawn by a desire to explore other passions during the throes of the recession, Lucy moved to Utah to work with troubled teens at a wilderness therapy program.  After years of teaching outdoor adventure skills, art, and art therapy to teenagers, Lucy returned to painting full-time with a revitalized vision for her work.  Her abstract paintings delve into the psychological landscapes of both herself and those in close relationship with her.  Her work is collected nationally and internationally.  She currently lives and paints in Salt Lake City, Utah.